Standardisation of EAP Metadata File Format


To provide an industry standard way of expressing EAP configuration details, for consumption by EAP-capable devices


The EAP protocol and particularly its payloads, the so-called „EAP Methods“ has many configuration variants. On an end-user client device, all of those need to be set correctly for a deterministic and secure behaviour while connecting to networks and other services via EAP. User-Interactive configuration („step-by-step guides“) is known to be too difficult for a significant portion of users. Some devices allow configuration via config files which are consumed on-demand (e.g. Apple devices and the „mobileconfig“ file format) but such devices all use their own, proprietary, formats for this information, and the richness of these config files is a subset of what is desirable. A consolidation of this situation towards an industry standard is necessary to enable more device types to be configured in such a way, without the need to provide yet another file format. For all devices which currently do not have any automatic configuration file format, the creation of one will possibly lead to an introduction of automatic configuration at all on those devices, improving configurability significantly.