Quality Evaluation and Improvement of Supplicants


  1. To define metrics which allow to assess an EAP supplicant regarding its user-interface design, its technical completeness, and its automated configurability.
  2. To evaluate a wide set of supplicants which are available on the market against these criteria


EAP supplicants come in numerous shapes and sizes. All of them implement the EAP protocol and a set of EAP methods. The implementations do not always consider all the properties of an EAP method; it seems like the decision to implement a certain feature depends on assumptions of the manufacturer on how his device might be used. As a result, any deployment of EAP will need to operate in an environment where some supplicants match the corresponding device manufacturer's assumption – and some don't. There is no publicly accessible registry which would list which supplicant has which capabilities, and there is no indicator for relative completeness of an implementation. For a deployment the size of eduroam, having such information is important for user support and informed decisions about device procurement.