SENSE is a project which aims to improve the usability of Enterprise Networks (wired and wireless) while maintaining maximum security. The primary target for the improvements created by this project is a GN3plus service: eduroam.

With this project, for the first time, a comprehensive set of criteria will be defined which together describe what it means to implement a secure and yet easily usable EAP supplicant for enterprise network usage. Further to this, a number of existing EAP supplicants will be assessed according to these criteria, which leads to a register of recommendable supplicants, and a list of caveats to look out for when either procuring devices for an organisation or when providing helpdesk support for these devices. The project even goes a step further than just contemplating the current state-of-the-art: for select supplicants, improvements to their code base will be developed which increase the usability and security of these supplicants. The targeted supplicants are: A generic Linux installer, compatible with many Linux distributions, and an Android App for Android versions 2.2 and above. The project will also create a “EAP Metadata file format” and implement it on the aforementioned platforms to create a common way of sending EAP configuration to supplicants. This will set an example for other platforms which currently use proprietary, custom, and incompatible formats.

The project contributes to the goals of the Open Calls by implementing all the listed objectives of Open Call #16. It also contributes to the overall goals of GN3plus by defining and implementing real-life improvements to the GN3plus service “eduroam” in terms of end-user usability of the service.